Gaming: Real Control is In Your Hands!

PNI sensor products for gaming offer unprecedented 9-axis motion and pointing control, taking games – first-person shooters, sports and driving — to the a whole new level of realism.

SPACEPOINT SCOUT: Demo SpacePoint Technology for Yourself

First to bring top-caliber 9-axis motion-tracking technology -- sensors, sensor fusion algorithms, and an I2C interface – together in one integrated module, PNI's SpacePoint Scout is ready for quick and easy implementation. Efficient and cost effective, the SpacePoint Scout module is a must-have component in hardware for games that demand accuracy of movement and pointing.

GEOMAGNETIC SENSORS: Motion Tracking and Pointing Beyond Expectations

Incorporating the highest accuracy sensors in their class, the RM3100 sensor – which includes two Sen-XY sensors, one Sen-Z sensor, and the new MagI2C ASIC controller – delivers unparalleled movement and motion tracking to any hardware application. With its wide field measurement range, superior noise immunity, and stability over temperature, the RM3100 sensor suite put gamers in control.

SPACEPOINT TECHNOLOGY: The Foundation of Motion Tracking

SpacePoint technology

PNI's SpacePoint technology is the engine that drives the most accurate motion-tracking and pointing performance in the world of sensors. Delivering true 9-axis tracking and pointing, the SpacePoint solution enables 360' pointing accuracy, full-range-of-motion tracking, and no drift or lag-time in a variety of motion-tracking devices, including game controllers and smart TV remotes.