The all-in-one SpacePoint Scout — perfect for motion tracking prototyping and development.

SpacePoint SCOUT is roughly 65% larger than a US 1¢ piece.Ideal for development of video game controllers, TV and set-top box controllers, virtual reality, and limb and body tracking, SpacePoint Scout's 9-axis technology allows controllers to deliver the pinpoint accuracy vital for realistic motion tracking. Scout is the first development module to bring top-caliber 9-axis motion tracking technology together in one integrated module — sensors, sensor fusion algorithms, and an I2C interface — ready for quick implementation.

Scout includes a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis gyroscope; and PNI's 3-axis geomagnetic sensor that facilitates a constant, repeatable, absolute orientation reference. These nine data points are then fused incorporating a proprietary algorithm using a high-state Kalman filter.

Spacepoint Scout is designed for use in highly dynamic conditions, such as high-speed gaming and remote controls where accuracy is demanded. Applications include robotic maneuvering, limb and body tracking, virtual reality—essentially any application that requires stable and repeatable tracking of physical movement.

The SpacePoint Scout delivers reliability in the real world. More accurate and reliable than standard 6-axis IMU systems, the self-calibrating Scout delivers unbeatably accurate results that stay accurate throughout use in real-world conditions. Self-calibrating, the Scout constantly corrects for gyro drift, magnetic anomalies and other real world interference.*

SpacePoint Scout Specs


Sensor Components

Sensor Type




3-Axis Gyroscope

ST Microelectronics



3-Axis Accelerometer

ST Microelectronics



3-Axis Geomagnetic Sensor

PNI Sensor Corporation



I/O Characteristics

Supply Voltage

3.8 to 10 VDC


Communication Interface



Communication Protocol

PNI Binary


Communication Data Rate

115,200 baud


Output Data Rate

125 Hz

Environmental Requirements

Operating Temperature

-40C to +85C


Storage Temperature

-40C to +85C

Mechanical Characteristics

Dimensions (l x w x h)

25.4 x 25.4 x 16.0 mm



6 gm



7 pin SIP, 0.1" Header

Contact PNI

To find out how you can integrate the ready-to-implement SpacePoint Scout into your consumer hardware, or for pricing and technical information, contact PNI at any one of our offices worldwide.

* Different applications may require magnetic hard-iron and soft-iron calibration. Please contact PNI for further information.