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Sensor fusion for accurate, responsive on-screen content navigation

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Build a remote control with 9-axis Exact Gesture Responsiveness™ - and get no loss, lag or latency.

Build a remote control with 9-axis Exact Gesture Responsiveness™ - and get no loss, lag or latency.

New gesture-controlling sensor systems for TVs and set-top boxes are on their way. Because of the exponential increase in on-screen content offerings, customers need more responsive ways to navigate than those offered by the old Up-Down-Left-Right sequential buttons. PNI's industry-leading SpacePoint technology, incorporated into Scout and Sentral M&M modules, enables 9-axis sensor systems that eliminate the inaccuracy of 6-axis systems and delivers and maintains absolute pointing at all times.

PNI offers a selection of solutions for smart TV controllers, with a variety of form factors and motion sensors from various vendors.

The SpacePoint Scout, with its 9-axis sensor system, including PNI’s geomagnetic sensor, fuses data together with advanced Kalman filtering algorithms in the Point Tracking engine. So hardware engineers get reliability and consistency — no resetting, no calibration timeouts, no gyro drift or out-of-alignment pointing. And software engineers get the constant, precise heading needed to enable fast and easy content navigation. 

The Sentral Motion & Measurement Modules are a selection of  easy-to-integrate modules for accurate tracking and pointing. The new M&M platform integrates PNI‘s ultra-low power SENtral™ motion coprocessor with third-party accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers—as well as with PNI‘s own geomagnetic sensors—to achieve the highest-accuracy motion tracking and heading measurement in a low-power system-on-board. PNI's top-ofthe-line sensor fusion algorithms conveniently run on the SENtral and do not require any algorithm or software licenses, making it truly plug-and-play for design groups of all sizes.