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SpacePoint® Scout accurately tracks motion with low latency, enabling development of immersive game and augmented reality applications.

Santa Rosa, CA – PNI Sensor Corporation, a US-based geomagnetic sensor manufacturer, today introduced SpacePoint® Scout a development module that offers gaming application developers 9-axis motion tracking technology in one reasonably priced, integrated module. SpacePoint Scout includes a suite of sensors (a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis geomagnetic sensor), highly proven sensor fusion algorithms and an I2C interface for quick implementation. 

SpacePoint Scout comes with the same RM3000 geomagnetic sensor as the one used in the new Nintendo Wii U GamePad announced this month (add ST/PNI news link). The RM3000 geomagnetic sensor uses PNI Sensor's proprietary magneto-inductive technology that offers over 15 times better resolution and 16 times less noise than commonly used Hall effect magnetic sensors. The RM3000, in conjunction with the SpacePoint Scout's sensor fusion algorithms, enables highly accurate pointing and motion tracking even in the presence of magnetic anomalies. 

 “Developers looking to explore new applications in the fields of location-based services, gaming, and augmented reality, will be excited by this simple-to-use module that both delivers new levels of accuracy and requires no confusing consumer calibrations. Our expertise in geomagnetic technology enables us to provide highly precise sensors and sensor fusion algorithms to customers who need to accurately capture complex motion with minimal latency, gyro drift or magnetic interference,” said Becky Oh, PNI Sensor, President and CEO. 

To learn more about SpacePoint Scout technology, its associated algorithms and its design and development kit, please visit 

Price and Availability

  • PNI Sensor’s SpacePoint Scout module is available now for $99.00 (USD). SpacePoint Scout Development Module
  • Contact for quantity pricing information. 


About PNI Sensor

 PNI Sensor Corporation is the leader in the exacting science of producing pinpoint heading and orientation technology and modules for the consumer, military, scientific and oceanography communities. Building on decades of patented sensor development, PNI offers highly accurate magneto-inductive sensors and 9-axis sensor fusion technology. Its products are used in consumer electronics, robotics, surveying, navigation and automotive applications across the globe. To learn more, please visit



Press Contact: 

Tom Byron, PNI Sensor Corp, +1707 566 2944, mail to:


Notes to editors:

SpacePoint Scout module and sensor graphics are available on request.

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