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All-in-one …

PNI's MicroMag products incorporate 2 or 3 SmartSens magneto-inductive sensors and PNI's 11096 ASIC controller on a single PCB, to provide a complete magnetic field sensing solution. The SPI interface provides an output signal which is inherently digital with best-in-class resolution and noise immunity; and, it can be fed directly into a microprocessor, eliminating the need for additional signal processing. Additionally, MicroMag products offer twice the field measurement range of competitive technologies, which allow for superior performance in the presence of magnetic distortions.

… for magnetic field sensing applications

The MicroMag family consists of two models. The MicroMag2 and MicroMag3 are 2- and 3-axis models, respectively, for compassing or other magnetic field sensing applications. Both are available as application kits that include the MicroMag module plus a communication board, cable, and evaluation software.

  • 2-Axis Measurement
  • High Resolution / Accuracy
  • 3-Axis Measurement
  • Low Power

With a large magnetic field measurement range, high resolution, and digital output, the SmartSens MicroMag products are ideal for product prototyping for high-volume applications, as a complete solution for lower volume OEM applications, as well as research, educational, and hobby use. It is engineered to make designing systems faster and easier than building a magnetic field sensing solution from scratch.

Legacy MicroMag 3, enlarged to show detail The MicroMag family combines PNI's SmartSens magneto-inductive sensors and a SmartSens ASIC controller in an all-digital module that requires no additional circuitry. The MicroMag product family drastically reduces the time and expense of designing a system from individual components. And because it uses PNI's low power magneto-inductive sensors, its power use is measured in micro-amps.


Axes Measured MicroMag2: X and Y
MicroMag3: X, Y and Z
Field Measurement Range −11 Gauss to +11 Gauss
Mechanical Characteristics
Footprint MicroMag2: 11.9 × 15.2 mm
MicroMag3: 25.4 × 25.4 mm
Mounting 1 MicroMag2: SMT
MicroMag3: Through-Hole Pinout
Power Requirements
Average Current Draw 0.6 mA RMS @ 8 Hz
Idle Mode <1 µA RMS
Enviromental Characteristics
Operating Temperature Range −20 to +70 °C
Storage Temperature Range −40 to +85 °C
Linearity, ±200 µT 0.6 %
  1. 1 MicroMag2 also available on carrier board with same dimensions and mounting method as MicroMag3