Legacy MicroMag Magnetic field sensing modules

The MicroMag Family has reached end-of-life. Please visit our Geomagnetic Sensor page for replacement products.

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All-digital sensor-and-ASIC modules that drastically reduce the time and expense of designing a system from components — without sacrificing performance.

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PNI's MicroMag products incorporate 2 or 3 SmartSens magneto-inductive sensors and PNI's 11096 ASIC controller on a single PCB, to provide a complete magnetic field sensing solution. The SPI interface provides an output signal which is inherently digital with best-in-class resolution and noise immunity; and, it can be fed directly into a microprocessor, eliminating the need for additional signal processing. Additionally, MicroMag products offer twice the field measurement range of competitive technologies, which allow for superior performance in the presence of magnetic distortions.

…for magnetic field sensing applications

The MicroMag family consists of two models. The MicroMag2 and MicroMag3 are 2- and 3-axis models, respectively, for compassing or other magnetic field sensing applications. Both are available as application kits that include the MicroMag module plus a communication board, cable, and evaluation software.

  2-axis measurement     High Resolution / Accuracy
  3-axis measurement     Low power

With a large magnetic field measurement range, high resolution, and digital output, the SmartSens MicroMag products are ideal for product prototyping for high-volume applications, as a complete solution for lower volume OEM applications, as well as research, educational, and hobby use. It is engineered to make designing systems faster and easier than building a magnetic field sensing solution from scratch.

Legacy MicroMag 3, enlarged to show detailThe MicroMag family combines PNI's SmartSens magneto-inductive sensors and a SmartSens ASIC controller in an all-digital module that requires no additional circuitry. The MicroMag product family drastically reduces the time and expense of designing a system from individual components. And because it uses PNI's low power magneto-inductive sensors, its power use is measured in micro-amps.


Magnetometer Specifications
  Axes Measured MicroMag2: X and Y
MicroMag3: X, Y and Z
  Field Measurement Range -11 Gauss to +11 Gauss
Mechanical Characteristics
  Footprint [mm] MicroMag2: 11.9x15.2
MicroMag3: 25.4x25.4
  Mounting 1 MicroMag2: SMT
MicroMag3: Through-Hole Pinout
Power Requirements
  Average Current Draw 0.6mA rms @ 8 Hz
  Idle Mode <1 µA rms
Environmental Characteristics
  Operating Temperature Range -20C to +70C
  Storage Temperature Range −40C to +85C
Performance Specifications
  Linearity 2 0.6%

1 MicroMag2 also available on carrier board with same dimensions and mounting method as MicroMag3
2 Over ±200 µT