Legacy MS2100
Single-Package 2-Axis Geomagnetic Sensor

The simplest way to integrate 2-axis magnetic field sensing and compass functions into any device — while setting new lows for energy consumption.

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Providing the simplest way to integrate 2-axis magnetic field sensing into any device, the MS2100 from PNI comprises two orthogonal magnetic sensors on a single chip to provide high-resolution compassing while setting new lows for energy consumption. It boasts unparalleled dynamic range, hysteresis-free performance, immunity to large-signal noise, and stability over a wide temperature range.

Ideal for field sensing applications where power is in short supply, the MS2100 is optimized for use in watches, radar detectors, and any consumer product with integrated compassing functions.

  2-axis measurement     High Resolution / Accuracy
  Low power consumption        

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The MS2100 is a high resolution, integrated 2-axis geomagnetic sensor combining PNI’s magneto-inductive sensor coils and ASIC into a single package for unparalleled performance. Designed to facilitate digital compassing in consumer electronics products, the MS2100 can enable heading accuracy of 1 ˚ with 0.5 ˚ resolution. The device also includes pins to support the connection of a third MI sensor axis for higher performance applications.

MS2100, enlarged to show detailThe MS2100 uses significantly less power than comparable magneto-resistive (MR) or fluxgate sensors. And because it doesn’t require setting and resetting like MR devices, its peak current requirement is dramatically less. The MS2100 provides superior signal-to-noise immunity, a large dynamic range, stable measurement over temperature, and is inherently free from offset drift.

...on a single chip.

The microprocessor-compatible SPI interface allows easy access to the MS2100’s measurement parameters, while eliminating the need for glue logic components. 3V operation ensures compatibility with most battery-powered products. Providing software-configurable resolution, sampling rate, and measurement range, the MS2100 can be optimized for the user’s system.

These advantages make the MS2100 the choice for high-volume applications where small size and low power requirements are paramount.


Digital Interface
No set-reset current pulse (degauss) required
  SPI protocol at 3 V  
Low Power
Wide Temperature Range
  0.7 mA at 3.0 V DC −20 to 70 °C (operational)
Surface Mount Package
High Accuracy
  20 pads (QFN) 1.0° with 0.5° resolution
Wide Field Measurement Range
  ± 1100 µT (± 11 Gauss)  




X & Y with Z axis provision


Field Measurement Range1

± 11 Gauss



55 nT


Linearity, ± 200μT

0.5 %


Current Consumption3

0.7 mA @ 3.0 VDC


Peak Current Consumption

<5 mA @ 3.0 VDC



7 x 7 x 1.35mm


Surface-Mount Package

20 pad QFN


Communication Interface



Operating Temperature

–20˚C to 70˚C


Storage Temperature

–40˚C to 85˚C

1 The field measurement range is the monotonic region of the output curve
2 With period select set to 2048
3 At 8 Hz sample rate and period select set to 2048