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Best-in-class magnetic field sensing with no hysteresis, temperature drift or resetting — and the lowest power needs on the market.

The highest precision geomagnetic sensors in their class, PNI's RM3000 and RM2000 reference geomagnetic sensors deliver high-performance resolution and repeatability with extremely low noise. These sensors provide high gain, have a wide field measurement range, superior noise immunity, no hysteresis, and are extremely stable over temperature. All this comes with the lowest power consumption in the industry.

PNI's geomagnetic sensors are designed to enable 3D and 2D applications and are ideal for use in video-game controllers, solid-state navigation devices, and handheld devices with integrated compassing functions. The RM3000 is intended for 3D applications and comprises three sensor coils driven by PNI's 3D MagIC ASIC, while the RM2000 is intended for 2D applications and consists of two sensor coils and the 3D MagIC ASIC. The interface to the 3D MagIC ASIC is through an SPI bus, eliminating the need for signal conditioning or an analog/digital converter.

Unlike magneto-resistive sensors, PNI’s magneto-inductive sensors do not require temperature calibration nor high current set-and-reset pulses before each measurement. Hence, they are simple to design in, and the peak current requirement is dramatically reduced. It isn’t surprising this patented technology has been proven across a wide spectrum of applications, including motion tracking, video-game control, and magnetic field measurement. 

Low Power
  Low power consumption   High-resolution/accuracy   High Resolution / Accuracy

The RM3000 Evaluation Board is available for design and prototyping for high-volume applications, as well as for research, education and hobby use. This board integrates PNI's RM3000 and peripheral components.

Product Availability:RMS3000, enlarged to show detail.

  • RM3000 enables unparalleled performance in 3D applications. It includes two Sen-XY sensors and one Sen-Z sensor, plus the new 3D MagIC ASIC controller.
  • RM2000 for 2D applications includes two Sen-XY sensors plus the 3D MagIC ASIC controller.
  • The RM3000 Evaluation Board incorporates the 3-axis geomagnetic sensor with PNI’s RM3000 with peripheral components on a single PCB. It is ideal for prototyping applications such as video game controllers and TV remote-control devices that require high refresh rates and high magnetic sensor resolution. The SPI interface allows direct interface to a microprocessor, eliminating the need for additional signal processing. For 2D applications, the third axis can simply be turned off.



Large Field Measurement Range
Low Noise
  ± 8 Gauss
 30 nT typical at 200 cycle counts
Wide Temperature Range
Minimal External Components

 -40° to 85° C (operational)

RoHs Compliant
 Surface Mount Package
Low Power Consumption
  Supplied on tape and reel
80 mA per axis at 12 Hz and 200 cycle counts









Field Measurement Range

-8 Gauss


+8 Gauss


Gain at 200 cycle counts2


45 counts/ μT



Linearity over ±200 μT





Noise at 200 cycle counts2


30 nT


Data Rate at 200 cycle counts2


450 Hz



DC Supply Voltage

1.6 V

3.3 V

3.6 V


Average Current at 12 Hz and 200 cycle counts1

0.3 mA



DC Resistance vs Temperature




Temperature Range






Size (l x w x h)





6.0 x 2.1 x 2.2 mm

3.0 x 3.0 x 5.75 mm

5.0 x 5.0 x 0.9 mm

1 Specifications subject to change.

2 The Cycle Count is a user-specified variable. Higher cycle counts increase gain, measurement time, and power consumption, and lower noise. See the user manual for additional information.