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We heard you. Those fluxgate heading sensors are awfully expensive, often making their widespread use unfeasible. But PNI Sensor's SeaTRAX is a magneto-inductive heading sensor compass module that meets your stringent streamer specifications — at the amazing price of $799 and even less in volume.

SeaTRAX module Unlike heading sensors costing thousands more, SeaTRAX is backed by PNI's decades of heading-sensor design and manufacturing experience. This makes it a dramatically more cost-effective solution from a proven source for on-time delivery to meet your seismic-streamer and towed-array production needs.


High Accuracy Low Power Consumption
0.3° RMS  17 mA at 8Hz Sample Rate
Streamer-Specific Form Factor Interface
70 × 11.8 × 10.3 mm RS232
Multiple Field Calibration Options RoHs Compliant
Full Sphere, Limited Tilt, 2D Only, Hard Iron Only Yes
Advanced Field Calibration
Hard- and Soft-Iron correction and accelerometer calibration

Specifications 1

Performance Specifications
Heading ≤65° of pitch 2 <0.3° RMS
Resolution 1° RMS
Repeatability 0.05° RMS
Tilt Range Roll: ±180°
Pitch: ±90°
Accuracy w/≤65° of pitch 0.2° RMS
Resolution 0.01°
Repeatability 0.05° RMS
Maximum Dip Angle 3 85°
I/O Characteristics
Communications Interface RS232
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions (l × w × h) With Z-Axis Sheild 70 × 11.8 × 10.3 mm
Without Z-Axis Sheild 70 × 11.8 × 9.8 mm
Weight 4.3 grams
Power Requirements
Supply Voltage 3.8 to 9.0 VDC
Current Draw @ 8 Hz Sample Rate 17 mA
Temperature Range
Operation −40 to +85 °C
Storage −40 to +85 °C
  1. 1 Product specifications are preliminary and subject to change
  2. 2 After using full-sphere calibration; see user manual for accuracy after using other calibrations
  3. 3 Performance at maximum dip angle will be degraded