SENtral M&M Evaluation Modules

Ultra-low power 9-axis motion tracking modules

The M&M modules are small form factor boards that integrate PNI’s ultra-low power SENtral motion coprocessor with embedded sensor fusion algorithms and sensors from many different manufacturers.  SENtral M&Ms modules allow designers to focus on creating innovative end-applications rather than on complex mathematical functions required for optimal sensor fusion algorithms.

Comes with algorithms embedded on SENtral

  • 9- and 6-axis Rotational Fusion
  • Heading, pitch and roll, tilt
  • High-accuracy accelerometer based step-counting
  • Significant motion
  • Barometric pressure
  • And more…

Plug- and -play small form factor board

Current family of M&M modules include

  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Geomagnetic sensor
  • Barometric pressure

Look for additional environmental sensors in the future M&M modules releases.

Available Sensor Combinations

  • White:  SENtral Only
  • Blue: SENtral+PNI RM3100+ST LSM330
  • Pink:  SENtral+ST LSM6DS3+AKM 9911+ST LPS25H
  • Purple:  SENtral+Bosch BMI160+Bosch BMM150+Bosch BMP280
  • Red:  SENtral+Invensense MPU6500+AKM 8963
  • Orange:  SENtral+Bosch BMI055+AKM 8963
  • Green:  SENtral+ST LSM330+AKM 8963


Red, Green, Blue & Orange M&M

Heading, Pitch, & Roll, Rotation Matrix Quaternions, Sensor Data

Pink & Purple M&M

Above plus barometric pressure