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SpacePoint® is the first complete 9-axis sensor system that provides the accuracy and responsiveness needed to improve and expand gaming and location-based applications. With SpacePoint, sensor output from accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers is fused and filtered by the proprietary technology to deliver pinpoint heading accuracy, attitude and signal reliability. And unlike currently available 9-axis systems, SpacePoint eliminates gyro drift and susceptibility to magnetic distortion and anomalies without the need for user calibration. So game play is immersive and longer-lasting. Compass heading is reliable, so navigation is accurate. And direction is precise, enabling true augmented reality applications. All this without the frustration of frequent user calibration.

The SpacePoint 9-axis sensor system contains complex sensor-fusion algorithms to rapidly execute the motion processing applications from the raw sensor data and enable the functionality and accuracy demanded by today’s smartphones and mobile handsets. Unlike the low-pass filtering used in standard motion processing algorithms, SpacePoint is the result of over 20 years of motion sensor algorithm development. It includes customizable features that can be optimized by OEMs as needed for specific customer applications and designs. With SpacePoint, customers are freed from investing time and money in complex, internal algorithm development. So SpacePoint enables shorter design cycles, better implementation and higher performance to meet the new application requirements of smartphones and mobile handsets.

9-axis measurement (3 axis by 3 axis by 3 axis)
  9-axis measurement (3:3:3)
  Motion Tracking   Motion Tracking
Low Latency
  Low Latency     Magnetic Immunity


Reliable compass heading

For accurate navigation

Absolute point tracking and motion tracking accuracy

Latency is below human perception

Immunity to magnetic interference

High performance in real-world environments

Proprietary sensor engine outputs

Quaternion, heading, pitch, roll, linear acceleration, gravity, and pointer Hpos and Vpos

9 axes of motion tracking

3-axis magnetometer, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer

API library

Flexible and rapid integration into your design

SpacePoint is available as a complete system or separately as individual components for flexible and rapid system integration. The complete system requires:

  • Three 3-axis sensors including PNI’s new patented Reference Magnetic Sensor, a 3-axis accelerometer, and a 3-axis gyro
  • SpacePoint’s software, including Hardware Reference Design and application programming interface (API) with proprietary algorithms

For applications that require an extremely small hardware footprint, SpacePoint is available separately to work with virtually any combination of MEMS sensors.

The SpacePoint 9 axis sensor system is available for selected customer sampling. As the SpacePoint system is optimized for each application, it is currently available for high-volume consumer electronics only. Please contact for more information.