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Built on a better mag sensor.

SpacePoint’s magnetic sensor provides heading data 54 times more accurate than a standard MEMS magnetic sensor — with a wide field measurement range, superior noise immunity and temperature stability, no hysteresis, and the lowest power consumption in the industry.

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Fused with the best algorithms.

Algorithms compensate for over 215 real-time variables in magnetic field changes, based on 20+ years of expertise in magnetic sensing technology.

  • Protected against interruptions caused by magnetic interference
  • Compensates for gyro drift
  • Provides reliable orientation information

Outputs the most exacting data through real-world time and user habits.

See the accuracy of the outputs SpacePoint provides in real-world situations.

see demo
Compared to 6-axis sensor systems, SpacePoint sensor technology is an astonishing advance in the world of motion-sensing accuracy. Requiring no recalibrating and no off-screen resets, and subject to no drift errors over time, SpacePoint offers the sure-fire, pinpoint accuracy game developers need to bring their games to today's users.   SpacePoint for TV Demo video