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Where GPS is compromised or unavailable — whether underwater or underground, beneath a bridge or inside a building — PNI's TCM tilt-compensated 3-axis compass module provides reliable, pinpoint-accurate pitch, roll and compass heading. The TCM uses advanced algorithms to counter the effects of hard and soft iron distortiions in the host system, providing highly accurate heading information in most any environment and any orientation. PNI's patented geomagnetic sensors and pioneering measurement technology combine to provide all this performance under a low-power budget that extends mission duration. The TCM's unmatched performance in real-world conditions makes it ideal for applications that require consistency and accuracy in the field — dead-reckoning navigation, far-target location, AUV and ROV navigation, object tracking, range finding, seismic monitoring and more.

  • 3-Axis Measurement
  • High Resolution / Accuracy
  • Hard- and Soft-Iron Correction
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Module

Sub 1° accuracy…

The TCM is a high-performance, low power consumption, tilt-compensated compass module that provides industry-leading heading accuracy. The TCM combines PNI's patented geomagnetic sensors and 3-axis MEMS accelerometer with PNI's proprietary factory calibration algorithms to ensure absolute accuracy.  

TCM5LT, enlarged to show detail

…in real world conditions.

PNI recognizes there's a difference between performing well in the factory and perfoming well in the field. The TCM's advanced field calibration algorithms account for these differences by correcting for local magnetic distortions. And since applications may have physical constraints for doing calibration, the TCM provides four user-selectable calibration modes, as well as the ability to recalibrate the accelerometers to ensure long-term accuracy. The TCM's measurement technology inherently ensures the module is free from offset drift and provides high measurement resolution, which is critically important at high and low lattitudes where the dip angle (inclination) limits the usefulness of other compasses. So the TCM performs well in the field, not just in the factory.


Backward-Compatible Footprint Digital Interface
TCM XB fits TCM2.6, TCM3, or TCM5 RS232 UART (TCM XB) or CMOS-level UART (TCM MB)
Flexible Mounting Options Full Tilt Compensation
16 Orientation Options ±90° pitch; ±180° roll
Advanced Field Calibration High Accuracy
Soft- and Hard-Iron calibration and accelerometer calibration 0.3° RMS
RoHS Compliant


Heading Specifications
Heading Accuracy 0.3° RMS
Repeatability 0.05° RMS
Resolution 0.1°
Magnetometer Specifications
Calibrated Field Measurement Range ±125 µT
Maximum Dip Angle (functional)  85°
Tilt Specifications
Accuracy 0.2° RMS
Range ±90° pitch, ±180° roll
Repeatability 0.05° RMS
Resolution 0.01°
Mechanical Specifications
TCM XB Dimensions (l × w × h) 3.5 × 4.3 × 1.3 cm
TCM MB Dimensions (l × w × h) 3.3 × 3.1 × 1.3 cm
Communcation Specifications
I/O Specifications
Maximum Sample Rate ≈30 samples/sec
Power Requirements
TCM XB Current Draw @ 8 Hz 16 mA
TCM MB Avg Current Draw @ 8 Hz 13 mA
TCM XB Current Draw, sleep mode 0.3 mA
TCM MB Current Draw, sleep mode 0.1 mA
TCM XB Supply Voltage 3.6–5 VDC
TCM MB Supply Voltage 3.3–5 VDC
Enviromental Characteristics
Operating Temperature Range −40 to +85 °C
Storage Temperature Range −40 to +85 °C