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PNI will continue to build and support these TCM products, but for new designs, the High-Performance Digital Compass or the V2Xe 2-axis compass module products are recommended. The legacy TCMs include the TCM2.5, TCM2.6, TCM3, and TCM5.

The TCM family of sensor modules combines PNI's patented magneto-inductive sensors with a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer in a single temperature- and noice-stabilized design that's inherently free of offset drift. Using PNI's proprietary hard- and soft-iron correction algorithms, PNI TCMs calibrate out most magnetic anomalies for repeatable, high-resolution measurement across a broad range of navigation ann tracking applications.

Even in the most demanding conditions and environments, PNI TCMs deliver unmatched performance, making them ideal for application such as high performance ROV navigation, targeting systems, GPS system navigation, vehicle sensing and tracking, drilling and downhole applications, robotics and more.

  • 2-Axis Measurement
  • 3-Axis Measurement
  • 3D Orientation
  • Hard-Iron Correction
  • Soft-Iron Correction
  • High Resolution / Accuracy
  • Low Power
  • Module
  • Integrated Processor

TCM 5, enlarged to show detail Our legacy TCMs include the following models and configurations:

TCM2.5 and TCM2.6: Cost-effective, reliable compass heading with PNI ASCII Interface

TCM3: Extended tilt range and 0.5° accuracy with PNI Binary Interface

TCM5: 360° tilt-range and 0.3° accuracy with PNI Binary Interface


  TCM2.5 TCM2.6 TCM3 TCM5
Heading Accuracy 1 0.8° RMS 0.8° RMS 0.5° RMS 0.3° RMS
Tilt Range ±50° ±50° ±80° ±90° pitch
±180° roll
Magnetic Distortion Correction Hard-Iron Hard-Iron Hard-Iron, Soft-Iron Hard-Iron, Soft-Iron
TCM2 Backwards Compatibility Protocol, Footprint Protocol No No
Maximum Sample Rate 2 ≈8 Hz ≈8 Hz ≈20 Hz ≈20 Hz
Power Consumption at Maximum Sample Rate 3 22 mA 22 mA 22 mA ≈22 mA
Interface Protocol RS232 ASCII RS232 ASCII RS232 Binary RS232 Binary
Dimensions (cm) 6.4 × 5.1 × 1.4 3.5 × 4.3 × 1.3 3.5 × 4.3 × 1.3 3.5 × 4.3 × 1.3
Weight 14 grams 7 grams 7 grams 7 grams
  1. 1 Using standard (full range) calibration method
  2. 2 The maximum sample rate is dependent on the strength of the magnetic field and typically will be from 25Hz to 32Hz
  3. 3 Operation at slower sample rates will reduce power consumption