Get accurate, pinpoint position and navigation data when GPS can’t or won’t work

PNI is a positioning and navigation product and technology company that provides highly accurate, precise position and navigation data to systems through the use of proprietary sensors, algorithms and Edge AI.

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Precision Navigation

We use the inherent forces emanating from the Earth to track an object or person’s location and path. With decades of real world experience and expertise in these technologies (magnetic sensing, sensor fusion, IMUs, continually adaptive navigation, magnetic interference rejection, Edge AI, etc.), PNI Sensor partners with defense and commercial industries to locate and track resources (both human and non) using low-cost and low-power (low SWaP-C) modules.

Our sensors are Smart

PNI makes the industry’s highest-performance geomagnetic sensor in its class and a variety of sensor products and modules that deliver precision position and navigation data, including situations where GPS can’t or won’t work. From our state-of-the-art magneto-inductive sensor suites to our newest Field Ops Remote Tracker module (FORT), we fuse these modules with proprietary algorithms that ensure the resulting data is truly accurate and reliable. FORT is a low SWaP-C inertial sensor-based module with AI and ML algorithms and navigation sensors. It cannot be jammed or spoofed and can accurately locate a dismounted soldier to within 1% accuracy when GPS is not available.

Military and Consumer Applications

PNI products are in use in a myriad of applications where accuracy and diminished risk are critical, including satellite and space missions, anti-submarine towed arrays, automotive applications, target acquisition, drones, unmanned systems, oil, gas and mining exploration and consumer gaming devices. PNI has worked with many notable companies serving the DoD and is experienced in meeting the high standards of the military sector.

GPS Alternative and GPS Supplement

With a deep understanding of the Defense Industry’s need for APNT solutions, PNI is focussing significant IR&D dollars to new APNT breakthroughs. Its FORT (Field Ops Remote Tracker) is now available, and the A-FORT (under fast-track development) will be built on FORT’s foundational technology to accurately locate and track a drone, unmanned systems, and ground vehicles anywhere in the world when GPS is unavailable. A-FORT was XTechSearch 7 winner and will have additional development funding from XTechSearch Army SBIR.

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Many of today’s leading companies are using PNI technology in their marquee products and across a wide spectrum of applications, inlcuding robotics, targeting, surveying and oceanography.

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