Get accurate, pinpoint position and navigation data when GPS can’t or won’t work

PNI is a positioning and navigation product and technology company that provides highly accurate, precise position and navigation data to systems through the use of proprietary sensors, algorithms and Edge AI.

Our Products

Targeting & Tracking Modules:

FORTHeadwayTargetPoint3 ♦ TP-TCMTP-SXA

Digital Compass and AHRS Modules:

Prime Pro ♦  Prime  ♦ TCMTRAX2 ♦ SeaTRAXNaviGuider

SeaTRAX-85º A

Our Technologies

Magnetic SensingA

Sensor FusionA

Edge AIA

Continually Adaptive Navigation (CAN)A

Interference RejectionA

Risk ReductionA

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Leading Companies

Many of today’s leading companies are using PNI technology in their marquee products and across a wide spectrum of applications, inlcuding robotics, targeting, surveying and oceanography.

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