PNI RM3100 Geomagnetic Sensor

Our industry-leading magnetometer is 30 times more sensitive than the leading Hall Effect sensor, with over 20 times lower noise, stability over temperature, lower power use, no hysteresis, and no bias change.

PNI SENtral Sensor Fusion Coprocessor

Our SENtral motion coprocessor with sensor fusion algorithms features the world’s lowest power and lowest cost IC, with highest precision sensor control and the most powerful algorithm computational engine in its class.

PNI SpacePoint VR 3D Motion-Tracking System

With tracking latency of less than 1 ms – imperceptible to the human eye – SpacePoint CR takes the guesswork out of accurately tracking controller movement in virtual reality applications.

Join us at Sensors Expo: June 27-29 in San Jose, CA! See live demonstrations of our new PlacePod smart parking sensor and SpacePoint CR 3D motion-tracking system at Booth #339A

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