From Shanghai and Taiwan to Tampa and back to PNI’s headquarters in Santa Rosa, CA, PNI Sensor visionaries, CTO and Board Chair George Hsu and CEO and President Becky Oh, are globetrotting as they speak at industry conferences and meet with industry partners.

Their first stop was MEMS Industry Group Conference Asia in Shanghai, where George moderated a panel packed with industry leaders: “IoT Devices Connectivity: the Opportunities and Challenges.” George managed the flow of conversation between MIG Conference Asia attendees and panelists, who included Huawei Director of Sensing – Chief Scientist Xianfeng (Sean) Ding, HTC America Advanced Technology Manager Gary Yao, Colt Advance International Limited GM Andrew Kung and Virtuix President David Allan. Representing both supply and demand perspectives of the MEMS supply chain, George and panelists explored how trends in MEMS and sensors — combined with the IoT phenomenon — are increasing the pressure to innovate within the shortest design-to-delivery cycles imaginable.

The week of September 14th brought George and Becky to Tampa, Florida for the ION GNSS+ 2015 Conference. The Institute of Navigation (ION) is the premier non-profit professional society dedicated to the advancement of positioning, navigation and timing technologies. While there, Becky will co-chair the technical session, “Commercial MEMS: Sensors, Integration and Applications,” on September 17. Becky and Co-Chair Alissa Fitzgerald of AM Fitzgerald & Associates will head a half-day conference program featuring luminaries from some of the movers and shakers in the MEMS/sensors business, including technologists from Bosch Sensortec, Freescale Semiconductor, Kionix and Knowles. For more information on the session, visit:

Once George and Becky actually unpack their luggage for a minute, we’ll publish insights from their recent travels in this space.