First sensor-based product to offer a truly viable PNT solution

10 meter positional accuracy for every kilometer traveled without the use of GPS or RF beacons.



Historically, sensor-based tracking systems have been beset with sensor drift, magnetic interference and reliability issues.


But new FORT employs Continually Adaptive Navigation algorithms (CAN), that empower advanced magnetometers with sophisticated gyros, accelerometers and Edge AI, while eliminating sensor drift, magnetic interference and reliability issues.


A truly viable PNT solution, it’s 100% self-contained, body-worn, non-jammable and immune to the drift and magnetic interference shortcomings of old sensor-based tracking systems.


FORT works indoors or out, is field configurable, easily merged with ISSS. It uses a hardware platform that enables quick iteration, test and deployment, making it easily integrated with PNT and battlefield awareness systems.

Sensors come of age in the business of tracking dismounted warfighters

Becky Oh, President at PNI Sensor, talks to Soldier Mod about its FORT Field Ops Remote Tracker and why it is vital in mission-critical environments


 Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR) Position Tracking in GPS-Denied Environments | Whitepaper


Position Navigation and Timing Solution

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Technical Specifications

CommunicationBluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to iOS or Android device
Supports Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK)
Accuracy1% accuracy over distance traveled over 1/2 hour with no GPS
Integrated SensorsMagnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature
BatteryRechargeable; 4 hours continuous operation
(Exterior Housing)
Width:  33 mm
Depth: 14 mm
Length: 50 mm
Weight33.3 g
Installation PositionBody worn
Evaluation Kit 
(p/n 90110)
Dismounted Soldier Tracking module
Wireless charging unit
CAN DST smartphone application

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