No in-field calibration required

Low SWaP-C AHRS Targeting Module

Introducing Headway, a breakthrough Low SWaP-C AHRS targeting module that delivers in-field, accurate heading to 1º, without any need for in-field manual calibration.


Unlike other Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) that require in-field, time-consuming recalibration, the Headway targeting module constantly delivers heading data in static and dynamic situations, with 1º of accuracy. And because it contains the latest IMU Sensors and PNI´s RM3100 magnetic sensor integrated with sensor fusion Edge AI algorithms, Headway needs no calibration by soldiers.


Headway is ultra-compact, uses ultra low power, and is shock and temperature fluctuation resistant.


Headway is easy to integrate and is ideal for use in targeting, drones, unmanned vehicles, augmented reality, and virtual reality headsets.

Technical Specifications

Heading Accuracy1º rms
Gyroscope 2000 dps
Drift error < 2°/min
Scale error < 0.3%
0.5% linearity
±20mG bias stability
Data OutputsHeading, Pitch & Roll, Quaternions, Magnetic,
Accelerometer, and Gyroscope Sensor Data
Dimensions - mm
(l x w x h)
24.5 x 18.5 x 8.5
Supply Voltage2.9– 3.3 VDC
Current Draw8.55 mA

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