No fuss, self-learning module

Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) M&M Modules

PNI’s M&M modules will self adapt and learn its system and its environment automatically to provide accurate quaternions, heading, pitch and roll. All while using 100 times less power than traditional AHRS modules.


PNI’s M&M modules incorporates PNI’s SENtral sensor fusion coprocessor that runs PNI’s  proprietary 15 state Kalman filter sensor fusion algorithms to continuously correct for gyro bias drift, automatically calibrate for hard and soft-iron and reject magnetic distortions, while consuming less than a ¼ of a milliamp.


The SENtral Coprocessor works with all available inertial sensors. M&M modules come configured with the following sensors:


  • PNI M&M Amber module: PNI’s RM3100
    Magnetic Sensor and ST Micro’s LSM6DSL
    Accelerometer/Gyroscope and LP25H Pressure sensor.

Technical Specifications

M&M Amber specifications

Data Outputs
(full range calibration)
M&M Amber: Heading, Pitch & Roll, Rotation Matrix Quaternions, Magnetic, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Barometric Pressure Sensor Data, Rotational Velocity, Step Count, Linear Acceleration
Heading AccuracyAmber: 2° rms typical
Digital Supply Voltage1.71 - 3.6V
Analog Supply Voltage2.4 - 3.6 V
Average Current Draw18 mA
Sleep Mode Current Draw0.25 mA
Output Sample Rate200 Hz
Communication InterfaceI2C
Dimensions(LxWxH)Amber: 22x11x6.75 mm
WeightAmber: 0.6 gram
Operating Temperature-40° to +85° C

Download Documentation

SENtral® – M&M technical datasheet

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Easily evaluate the M&M Amber self-learning capabilities with an M&M Amber UART interface module, cable and demo software.

M&M Eval Kit Unit

Price per unit:


M&M Amber UART simplifies the evaluation of the M&M Amber I2C module (PNI part number 14047). Includes a M&M Amber module with a UART connection and a USB evaluation cable.

Note: Online orders only for shipment within the US. Maximum order quantity is one (1) evaluation unit. Please contact if you wish to purchase larger quantities or only the M&M Amber modules.

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