Motion & Measurement Modules


Simplify development with embedded sensor fusion algorithms

PNI’s motion and measurement modules provide accurate heading and orientation data in a small, low-power and easy-to-integrate package.

The M&M modules are small form-factor boards that integrate PNI’s ultra-low-power SENtral or SENtral-A2 motion coprocessors with embedded sensor fusion algorithms and motion sensors. The PNI M&M modules allow developers to focus on creating innovative end-applications rather than the sensor fusion algorithms.

Unlike other inertial measurement units (IMUs) requiring extensive sensor fusion algorithm development and sensor calibration work, the M&M modules are pre-engineered to provide high accuracy motion tracking, heading and environmental data – at a fraction of the power used by a general-purpose microprocessor.

PNI M&M Blue 9-Axis module includes: SENtral, RM3100 magnetic sensor, and ST LSM330 Accel/Gyro (part number: 13759).

PNI M&M Amber 10-Axis module includes: SENtral-A2, RM3100 magnetic sensor, ST LSM6DSL Accel/Gyro and ST LPS25H pressure sensor (part number: 14047).

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