Geomagnetic Sensors

Based on PNI’s proprietary magneto-inductive technology, our sensors deliver high-performance resolution and repeatability with over 10 times better resolution and over 20 times lower noise than the leading Hall Effect sensor, enabling accurate calculation of heading and orientation. They provide high gain, high sampling rates, and no hysteresis. PNI’s sensors also do not require temperature calibration or current set-and-reset pulses before each measurement. Learn more.

PNI’s headquarters and manufacturing facility are fully operational, while adhering to safety and best-practice guidelines and taking guidance from public health authorities regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. However, we are experiencing minor delays in shipping hardware due to the San Francisco Bay Area regional directive to shelter in place. We will continue to fulfill your inventory needs and will notify you directly if we foresee potential delays in fulfilling your product requests.

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