RM3100 Geomagnetic Sensor

Based on PNI’s proprietary magneto-inductive sensor technology, which provides high resolution, low power consumption, no hysteresis, large dynamic range, and high sampling rates, the RM3100 geomagnetic sensor is ideal for applications requiring precise compass heading and precise magnetic field measurements.

The RM3100 is a military-grade sensor at a consumer price. It is proven across a wide range of applications including drones, robotics, manned and unmanned vehicles, marine, scientific, defense, and automotive.


Key Features

  • Provides high gain, high sampling rates, and no hysteresis
  • Measurements are stable over temperature and inherently free of offset drift
  • High sensor sample rate and precise magnetic field measurements enable accurate sensor fusion algorithm development for any application
  • The RM3100’s MagI2C features both continuous measurement mode and single measurement polling and software-configurable resolution
  • I2C and SPI interfaces offer system design flexibility

Technical Specifications

Cycle Counts
Field Measurement Range± 1100 µT
Noise30 nT20 nT15 nT
Gain @ 3V (LSB/µT)20 µT38 µT75 µT
Linearity over ± 200 µT0.5% (typical)
Sensitivity50 nT26 nT13 nT
Max 3-Axis Sample Rate534 Hz284 Hz147 Hz
Current Usage @ 8 Hz, 3 Axes70 µA 135 µA260 µA
Circuit Oscillation Frequency180 kHz
InterfaceSPI and I2C
Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +85°C
Size (L x W x H)SEN XY
6.0 x 2.1 x 2.2
3.88 x 2.98 x 6.35 mm
4.0 x 4.0 x 0.75 mm

Download the RM3100 PX4 Autopilot App Note

RM3100 Geomagnetic Sensor Suite | Magnetometer
RM3100 Geomagnetic Sensor Suite | Magnetometer
RM3100 Geomagnetic Sensor Suite | Magnetometer

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