Scientific and Oceans

PNI sensor systems for science and oceanology deliver accurate pitch, roll, and heading anywhere — while using a fraction of the power of ordinary sensors

Whether aligning solar arrays for maximum energy yield, mapping ocean currents, or navigating underwater vehicles and systems, the accuracy of PNI sensor modules is ideal for applications in which the margin of error makes all the difference and power is in short supply.

The industry standard for terrestrial and oceanographic mapping, SONAR targeting, undersea pipeline construction, and navigational guidance of remote surveying vehicles, PNI’s sensors and modules compensate for the effects of magnetic influences and extreme or fluctuating tilt ranges. This enables them to determine accurate pitch, roll, and heading anywhere — a mountaintop, the ocean floor, or out on the open sea — while using a fraction of the power of ordinary sensors.



  • Current Mapping
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Hull Inspection
  • Oil Drilling and Downhole applications
  • Speed Detection Systems
  • Surveying
  • Remote Vehicle Detection
  • Intelligent Traffic Control Systems
  • Vehicle Tracking

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