The SeaTRAX 3-axis compass module: high-performance heading sensor at an affordable price, great for width-constrained seismic streamers and towed arrays

We heard you. Those fluxgate heading sensors are awfully expensive, often making their widespread use unfeasible. But PNI Sensor’s SeaTRAX is a magneto-inductive heading sensor compass module that meets your stringent streamer specifications — at the amazing price of $996 and even less in volume.

Unlike heading sensors costing thousands more, SeaTRAX is backed by PNI’s decades of heading-sensor design and manufacturing experience. This makes it a dramatically more cost-effective solution from a proven source for on-time delivery to meet your seismic-streamer and towed-array production needs.


SeaTRAX Sales Sheet

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SeaTRAX User Manual

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SeaTRAX Studio (Windows)

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