SENtrace Pedestrian Tracking Coprocessor

For wearables with GPS, accurate pedestrian tracking  with dramatically better battery life becomes real. 

SENtrace accurately tracks users where GPS is unavailable. GPS signal often goes missing indoors, under cover, and in dense urban areas. Using ultra-low power, sensor-based tracking, SENtrace® from PNI Sensor Corporation, delivers fine-resolution, step-by-step tracking without requiring GPS.  No more extrapolated estimates or loss of real-time tracking.

SENtrace’s custom ASIC with embedded processing power and military-grade algorithms delivers accurate tracking to wearable device users, using just a trace of the power that GPS demands.

SENtrace overrides and deactivates power-hungry GPS when it’s not needed, while still providing continuous, reliable tracking data. SENtrace’s proprietary algorithms know when to use SENtrace’s tracking, and when to switch to GPS.

SENtrace saves up to 67% of total battery life. Because SENtrace’s tracking coprocessor allows for less use of GPS, relying instead on inertial sensor data and PNI’s tracking algorithms, and demands on the battery are far, far lower.  SENtrace computes each location point using one tenth the power GPS uses for a comparable computation.

Phenomenally accurate – no guesstimating. When it comes to pedestrian navigation, GPS tracking (being accurate down to somewhere between 10 and 50 meters) leaves a lot to be desired, especially if you’re in a fork in the woods, the streets of San Francisco, or the Mall of America. SENtrace is accurate down to one meter, so your users will know where to go, and where they’ve really been.

Better than standard sensor fusion systems. If you’re used to using standard sensor fusion, be prepared for a big jump in performance and accuracy. 

PNI Sensor Corporation has put decades of tracking expertise to work in SENtrace.  Its architecture features an ARC processor core with custom instruction set, ROM with embedded algorithms, and a sophisticated Kalman filter.

Teeny-weeny. It’s elegantly engineered to do an amazing amount of work on a tiny 1.7mm x 1.7mm x0.5mm sized chip.  And it uses just a trace of power to deliver the tracking data you need.

And CES thinks it’s a winner. SENtrace was chosen as a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Embedded Technologies product category.  We’re proud.

Powerful tracking without the power suck.


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