SENtral­®-A is the first ultra-low power sensor hub to support Android sensors, providing a full solution of processing plus algorithms in one tiny and efficient package. SENtral-A embeds the complete range of KitKat sensor features in hardware on a low-power coprocessor, allowing smartphone OEMs to support always-on context-aware applications such as Google Now — without having to worry about power consumption.

Outperforming the competition

Competitive solutions come in two forms: MCU-based sensor hubs running third-party 4.4 KitKat sensor algorithms licensed from specialized software companies, and MEMS sensors that run a bulk of the KitKat sensor algorithms on the mobile device’s app processor.

SENtral-A offers a single solution with both the enabling hardware and software for KitKat and “always on” operation of the highest performance motion, context, and location algorithms.

Lowest power sensor hub

In direct benchmarking against FLASH-based sensor hub microcontrollers (MCUs) with on-board floating point units (FPUs), SENtral-A operates at <10× power. SENtral can routinely run over 140,000 floating point operations per second at ~200 µAmps average current consumption at 1.8V, which is unlike anything else in the market today.

SENtral-A can accommodate up to 6 different sensor inputs and is the only sensor hub in the market that can run all KitKat sensors simultaneously for under 200 µAmps.



  • Rotation Matrix
  • Quaternions
  • 9 DOF (accel + gyro + magnetometer)
  • 6 DOF (accel + gyro or accel + mag)
  • Gravity
  • Linear Acceleration
  • Step Detect/Count
  • Significant Motion
  • Calibrated Sensor
  • Uncalibrated Sensor
  • Data Batching
  • Timestamp


1.6 x 1.6 x 0.5 mm


SENtral-A Sales Sheet

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SENtral-A User Manual

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