SpacePoint CR is a controller motion-tracking system that maintains correct positioning of objects in virtual worlds with high-accuracy and low-latency, due to its specialized sensor-fusion algorithms.


Designers of handheld controllers used in virtual reality and gaming applications know all too well the frustrations of trying to accurately track hand movement with inertial sensors. When users flick their wands, slash with their swords, and twirl their clubs to target a constantly changing environment, these actions can saturate gyroscopes – leaving users with skewed visuals and missed targets.


Introducing SpacePoint CR, the first 3D motion-tracking system made expressly for hand-held controllers. Unlike standard sensor systems, SpacePoint CR fuses outputs from inertial sensors with Kalman filters and sophisticated specialized algorithms. So it maintains absolute pointing accuracy by continually correcting for gyro saturation and drift, even during rapid movement.


  • SpacePoint CR has heading acccuracy of under 4° rms, and tracking latency of less than 1 ms – imperceptible to the human eye.
  • SpacePoint CR algorithms reside on PNI’s SENtral coprocessor, which offloads sensor management and fusion work from your main processor.
  • SpacePoint CR handles all the motion sensor calculations, so there ar eno unpleasant surprises or wasted engineering time.



Reference designs available for large-volume implementations

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