Headset designers for virtual and augmented reality applications know all too well the frustrations of trying to track head movement with consumer-grade sensors. Most standard inertial sensors have latency issues, resulting in inaccurate tracking of head movement – which can leave users feeling nauseous or disoriented. And getting the sensors to fuse data together into usable information is often not the simple task it first appears.

SpacePoint VR is an integrated 3D motion-tracking system from PNI Sensor Corporation that tracks real head movement with incredible, lightning-fast accuracy. Built by inertial sensor fusion experts with 30 years of real-world expertise, SpacePoint VR takes the guesswork out of accurately tracking head movement. SpacePoint VR has tracking latency of less than 1 ms – imperceptible to the human eye.

SpacePoint VR is an easy-to-integrate system that combines outputs from multiple sensors and applies our sensor fusion algorithms to get military-grade accuracy. The firmware resides on a coprocessor, which offloads sensor management and fusion work from your application processor.

SpacePoint VR software uses continuous auto-calibration technology combined with our patented Kalman filter algorithms, so the output is extremely accurate in all environments. And SpacePoint VR handles all the motion sensor calculations, so there are no unpleasant surprises or wasted engineering time.


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