Delivering the highest magnetic compass accuracy at HALF the price of other magnetic compasses.

TargetPoint SX
Digital Magnetic Compass

For laser rangefinder and targeting systems designers using the Vectronix® DMC-SX, the TargetPoint-SX is form, fit and function compatible to the Vextronix part, requiring little or no work to design into existing systems. And it’s much less expensive.


Unlike the Vectronix DMC-SX, mounting option is software configurable. Same TargetPoint-SX part number for all your systems – reduces cost of inventory and lead times.


ITAR-free and made in the U.S.A.


Combines PNI’s high sensitivity Magneto-Inductive heading sensor with the latest high stability 3-axis MEMS accelerometer for superior heading accuracy.


Quarter of the power consumption extends mission duration.


Advanced, field-proven calibration algorithms to ensure accuracy.


Guaranteed availability for the next 10 years, so it’s ideal to design in now.

Technical Specifications

Heading Accuracy
(full range calibration)
0.25° rms
Tilt Accuracy0.1° rms
Average Current Draw
(max sample rate)
11 mA
Sleep Mode Current Draw0.7 mA
Supply Voltage4.5 – 5.5 VDC
Communication InterfaceSerial Port, 5V TTL
Time to Retrieve Data
(initial power up / sleep mode)
210 ms / 80 ms​
Maximum Sample Rate20 Hz
DimensionsLength: 33 mm
Width: 31 mm
Height: 13.5 mm
Weight17 gm
Operating Temperature-40° to +85° C

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TargetPoint SX is a drop-in replacement to Vectronix DMC-SX 5000.

TargetPoint SX Eval Kit Unit

Price per unit:


Try our TargetPoint SX in your system, if it isn’t compatible, we will provide a full refund*.

Note: Online orders only for shipment within the US. Maximum order quantity is one (1) evaluation unit. Please contact if you wish to purchase larger quantities

*Contact to obtain an RMA number within 30 days of purchase

SKU: 14487 (TargetPoint SX Module) / Category: Digital Magnetic Compasses

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