The first affordable AHRS that stays on track while moving and through magnetic distortion, ideal for unmanned vehicles and navigation systems

Unmanned vehicles are performing progressively more complex tasks — and requiring increasingly robust and accurate heading and orientation information. But existing attitude and heading reference modules (AHRS) leave too much room for error. They lose heading when encountering magnetic distortion; they suffer from errors when experiencing erratic motion; and often don’t provide accurate heading, even in a static environment. And at more than $2,000 for a MEMS-based AHRS, it’s no wonder AHRS have only been integrated by a select few customers.

The 9-axis TRAX AHRS module provides unparalleled heading accuracy when static, while moving, and when encountering magnetic distortion. TRAX employs a patented Kalman filtering algorithm that intelligently fuses PNI’s patented geomagnetic sensors with gyroscopes and accelerometers to overcome errors due to erratic motion and changes in the local magnetic field. And TRAX is priced for commercial use, delivering more reliable heading than AHRS modules that cost twice as much.

When there’s no room for error, TRAX stays on track.


  • High accuracy
  • Magnetic distortion compensation
  • Multiple field calibration options
  • Low power consumption
  • RS232 and USB interface
  • RoHS compliant

TRAX Sales Sheet

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TRAX User Manual

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TRAX Studio (Windows)

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