TRAX2 Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) & Digital Compass Module


The TRAX2 AHRS and DMC provides unparalleled heading and accuracy when static, while moving and when encountering magnetic distortion. TRAX2 employs a patented Kalman algorithm that intelligently fuses PNI’s patented reference magnetic sensors with gyros and accelerometers to overcome errors due to erratic motion and changes in the local magnetic field. This provides no drift, high accuracy heading, pitch and roll and long-term static accuracy.

TRAX2 provides two different modes: AHRS or digital compass. This dual-mode capability supports a wide range of applications including laser range finders, drones, robotics, manned and unmanned vehicles, and ocean buoys, among others.

Features & Benefits:

  • AHRS mode incorporates PNI’s 15 state Kalman filter with user-adjustable knobs to optimize the algorithms for specific applications and conditions
  • Gyro-stabilized compass for improved dynamic accuracy provides sub-0.5 degrees of heading accuracy
  • Low latency and no overshoot for quick target acquisition
  • Multiple calibration methods ensure accuracy in a wide in a wide range of industrial, scientific, marine and military applications
  • ITAR-free

Technical Specifications:

Heading Accuracy
(full range calibration)
<0.3° rms (compass)
< 2° rms (AHRS)
Tilt Accuracy0.2° (compass)
2° (AHRS)
Average Current Draw
(max sample rate)
20 mA
Sleep Mode Current Draw0.5 mA
Supply Voltage3.7 - 8 VDC
Communication InterfaceRS232/TTL UART
Time to Retrieve Data
(initial power up / sleep mode)
210 ms / 80 ms
Maximum Sample Rate Hz~30
DimensionsLength: 35 mm
Width: 43 mm
Height: 8.4 mm
Weight7 gm
Operating Temperature-40° to +85° C

For full product specifications, download the: PNI Sensor TRAX2 Product Sheet

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